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Name: RAY
Breed: Russian Blue
Gender: Male
Date Available: Today
Health: Lifetime Guarantee
What’s included Registered, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee


Product Description

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The Russian Blue is a sturdy breed, with strong muscles and good looks overall. It is visually in the same group as
the long, slender, elegant Korat and Oriental Shorthair. It is average in size and muscular, but the compactness of its musculature is comparable to that of a swimmer. One can see that it has a long, graceful neck when it is in full motion and stretched out, but the neck is covered by thick fur and high set shoulder blades when the cat

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For its elegance, the Russian Blue cat breed is known far and wide. And these cats make amazing pets with their graceful strides and shimmering emerald eyes. The Russian Blue’s velveteen fur, despite having a thick, dense coat, is lowshedding.They also generate less protein from the Fel d 1, making them especially good for people with cat allergies.
Russian Blues are highly intelligent and sometimes form super close bonds with their owners, and anywhere, including out to sea, they’ll follow them!

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When it has been overlooked, Russian Blue is remembered for actually appearing hurt. This cat is also very adventurous, elegant, and
reserved, and enjoys chasing after toys or sunbeams.
The Russian Blue will spend hours entertaining herself, and if it’s left at home alone for the day, it doesn’t mind a lot, but it will be very pleased to see you when you return.

This cat is an exceptional pet, always following its owners and usually favoring one person in the family above all others. It should be added that with most all, including men, the Russian Blue gets along.russian blue cat price

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With most everybody, including girls, Russian Blue gets along. To help comfort a crying infant, their love of human company extends to impishly clowning and showing compassion.

when their people get the blues by patting the person’s face.
This breed does not like change, preferring standardized and routine stuff to be consistent. When dinnertime is changed, it can be thrown off, and it is nit picky with hygiene. This breed gained a reputation at shows in the early years or being difficult to deal with because of characteristics such as these. The Russian Blue was gentle and content at home, but he was clearly unhappy and temperamental at shows.
One of the weaknesses of the Blue
Russian is its propensity to be easily shocked.russian blue hypoallergenic


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